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Meta Club

  • Dr. Mortagy and Dr. Aya founded Meta Club in 2023 which operates on a volunteer for free basis.

  • Meta Club consists of a virtual network of volunteer research collaborators.

  • Purpose:

    • Meta Club educates medical students and graduates on basic medical research and biostatistical knowledge necessary to understand and perform systematic reviews and metanalyses.

    • Meta club aims at helping medical students and graduates to perform and publish systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

    • Meta Club offers free educational courses covering the following concepts and steps of systematic reviews and meta-analyses

      1. Meta-Analysis idea generation and validation, research question formulation, and inclusion/exclusion criteria definition

      2. Team formation, team, and authorship rules

      3. Search strategy in literature databases and exporting results.

      4. Article screening

      5. Data extraction and conversion from included studies

      6. Risk of bias assessment of included studies

      7. Statistical analysis and figures creation

      8. Manuscript writing

      9. Manuscript review and references check.

      10. Journal/conference choice and submission


If you are interested, please sign up using the following form and you will be contacted via email and guided step-by-step till you finish your systematic review and/or metanalysis project.



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